The Printmaker's Ingenuity & Craft (2015)

I was invited by the National Palace Museum to make the print "A Dream of Wandering in a Garden." In the production process, I explored the features of various print works made during the Ming and Qing dynasties, and studied extensively the illustrations in the rare books in the Museum’s collection, immersing myself in the leaves of books and stationery paper showcasing the extraordinary achievements of those before us who were constantly in pursuit of the highest state of painting, engraving and printing.

Bit by bit, I relished and ruminated over the entangled romances of literary classics between the lines of opera and theatrical pieces. This led to a determination to deliver a piece which talks back to the lifetime passion of these predecessors and reconstruct the interdependency between texts and illustrations. 

Details & materials

Artist’s proof before beginning, and the final sketch and color planning. There being 12 overlaying colors to print, great care had to be taken and I tried to confirm every detail of the work before commencing on the carvings and subsequent relief-printing.

"A dream of wandering in a garden."
47*40cm. Multi-plate linocut, Chinese collage, embossing. Ed: 5.